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Why Bulk sms Service is important for business ?

Today in the era of digitization, online businesses are immensely growing and prospering. Internet has made our lives easy in every way possible. More and more business opportunities are available online. Online business has a very good scope as the main advantage is massive reach to customers and ease of start.

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There are several methods of marketing a business. One of the popular ways of marketing is SMS marketing, SMS marketing is a technique that uses text messaging to spread promotional or campaign messages to the customers, Various govt agencies, and organizations like Southern Railways, Save The Children, and Nirmaan are using text sms services. Hence SMS marketing is good for online business? There are lots of reasons to adopt Bulk SMS Service. They are as follows:

  1. Highly Responsive – PresentlySending promotional emails is not a great option, people ignores email but the less chances of ignoring a text message. When sounds beep immediately the person checks and open the message. So this is a highly responsive compared to an email.
  2. Saving time and Money – Sending SMS is fast and easy. It reaches within seconds and there is no need for having an internet connection to open and read it. As well it has low cost to spend.
  3. No filters  There is a great benefit of SMS marketing that is not there in email marketing. SMS reach exactly in the customer’s message inbox without any filtration while in the email there is a risk of it going into spam or other filters.
  4. Customer engagement  Customers also find it easy to respond via text message than email. According to a study 90% messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. This makes it very helpful to reach the targeted group in a short time and hence it ensures better customer involvement and engagement.

One cannot deny the importance of SMS marketing and it has a huge scope. Whether it is an individual, firm or corporation the simplicity and ease of SMS marketing makes it a good choice for online business.

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